Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

So yes?

Today was a big day for Tage Rönnqvist Media Productions, well I’m not sure about the “big day” part, but at least it was a day ok.. A-ok? Day ok? Any rhymes wackos, the rime of the ancient mariner? No nothing? I’ll just continue then.. Stupid.

Me and the media mogul Rasmus Tåg decided to have a pottering day, sort of an activities group’s day out. Yes. Since we are making a music video for The Cajunga this Thursday we have to make some props and decorations, so today was the prop day and we prepared t-shirts for the vocalist.


( Fabric paint )

It may sound kinda corny, but the lead singer is gonna have to change clothes during the chorus, so we have to custom make the tank tops for this song, so it’ll fit the lyrics in a very Bob Dylan type of way. Sadly I won’t post any pics of the finished tops since we don’t wanna spoil any surprises before the video has been shot and edited. But I’ll give you a shot of Ramedus editing (can you say edit when you mean cutting with scissors through a plain paper?) some heart-shaped super ideas!


( Just look at this guy… )

So just a few hours ago the tank tops were considered ready for the video shoot. And since me and Rasmus are professionals in using fabric paint, the result was just God-like. I smell disbelief in the reader, you schmuck! Hopefully the tops will fit the video so it won’t be “tack ska du ha men skit ska du få”.

And yes, the headline talks about a competition! YES. Here goes:

Of all the stains left over from the fabric paint I made an arty painting, that’s right, an original Tage “Shooting for the Stars” painting. And this can be yours! All you have to do is to hit me with a comment on this blog insert and you have officially entered the competition. During the upcoming Friday night I will have a small lottery for myself, sad man, and one happy winner is selected among you guys who have hit me with a comment by then. The painting will be sent to you by regular mail next week so you’ll at least get it before Christmas. (When you give the comment, use a mail address that works and I’ll contact the winner by mail).. The painting looks like this, and it has an estimated value of 75,00€ :) And it’s signed and everything, and who wouldn’t wanna brag to his or her friends with this one?


( The prize )

Thank you all for today, and good luck in the lottery! Tomorrow I’ll go shoot some promotional shots of a band called Noidan Kehä, but more of that later!

// Tage – The Competition Master and a very good painter aswell… Jeez.

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  1. Hur kan det hända att ingen kommenterat ännu?

  2. Ja e me :P

  3. entered, haha.

    I thought we were gonna have to say what you’ve painted (whew). It looks kinda cool, though… (:

    And I love the watch that Rasmus is wearing <3 (or is it a bracelet?). I've always wanted one, but I couldn't find it anywhere :S *envy* ;D

  4. entered.
    I thought we were gonna have to say what we see on the painting (whew).

    And I love the watch that Rasmus is wearing <3 (or is it a bracelet?). I've always wanted one, but I couldn't find it anywhere ;S *envy*

    Well, good luck with the video shooting. ^^

  5. NabbiN, I tried, but It wouldn’t submit my comment xD

    Anyway, I’m in.

    And I love the watch (or is it a bracelet?) that Rasmus is wearing <3

  6. Estimated value of 75€? I´m in!

  7. The Bracelet! :)
    It sure is Ramedus who is wearing that.. haha!

    Already 4 people have joined the competition!

  8. E du säker på att den e värd 75e :)

  9. Ganska nog.. Jag ha mätt själv hede värdet, och jag kom fram till 75,00€. :)

  10. I’m in! There’s nothing better than free art that has the potential of making me a fortune in the future along with painters success! ;)

  11. :-) You’re in!

  12. OMFG jag är med jag är med jag är med!!!! :D :D:D

  13. Tage ja sku göra allt för att få den tavlan! Jag kan fast kom om hämta den nu! Mycket mycket chefig tavla :)

  14. Me too me too ! It would fit perfectly in my room. Like that very much =)

  15. Ja e me! ..“tack ska du ha men skit ska du få”.. Vilka fantastiska citat du kommer dragandes me! :D

  16. Lumi —>>> Välkommen med i tävlingen!

    Macke W —->>> Int kan du kom o hämt an nu int, han e ju ti lottning, haha, de e en mycket chefig tavla :)

    JW —->>> Thank you for your kind words, I’ve added you to the lottery, hope for the best :-) )

    Kim D —>>> Välkommen med i lottningen. Citatet bjuder jag på, slit det med hälsan.. haha.


  17. Yo yo Master T! I’m in for the competition!

  18. de måst ha vari dyra färger då *haha* :D

    nog för att de ser helt ok ut! lite zebra riven av lejon lr liknande :)

  19. Haha, det här va det bästa på länge :) Jag e me!

  20. Chef Ph —->>>> Du e nu registrerad i tävlingen, muai saakran..

    Helena —->>>> De va nog jättedyra färger :-) Kanske de föreställer en Zebra, haha.. En nutidskonst zebra!

    Sara —->>>> Haha! Kommentar från högst oväntat håll! Kul! Du e registrerad i lotteriet! Hoppas på de bästa!

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