Premiere closing in – Säg Hej o Le!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

So, yes?

A few months ago, together with director Sonja Österberg, me and Anders Lönnfeldt shot and edited a music video for BUU-klubben – all with a nice hand from RAY and Folkhälsan.

And now, yes now the time has come for the premiere of this video starring Fifi, Monstret Ole and a bunch of happy dancers. The premiere is goin’ down in the BUU-klubben show next Monday on the 6th of February between 18.00 and 18.30 on YLE/Festkanalen.

The video called “Säg Hej o Le” will also be available for your eyes on the BUU-klubben website shortly after the TV-premiere. While we are waiting, here is a making-of-the-video shot.

( Fifi – Säg Hej o Le )

So, write this shit down:

February 6th (Monday) – YLE/Festkanalen 18.00 – BUUklubben – Säg Hej o Le video premiere.

—>>> The BUU world

Start the wait.

// Tage – BUUtage

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