Popkalaset 2011 – Lisa Miskovsky

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

So, yes?

About a month ago the Popkalaset 2011 festival was held in Ekenäs, I covered pretty much every artist on the main stage with my lenses, and every once in a while I drop a festival Pop-Pic-Bomb on ya guys – just to remind you of a great pop festival. So here you go, a selection of Lisa Miskovsky memories!


( Lisa Miskovsky 1/5 )

( Lisa Miskovsky 2/5 )

( Lisa Miskovsky 3/5 )

( Lisa Miskovsky 4/5 )

( Lisa Miskovsky 5/5 )

So, hope you found joy and pleasure in these frames of Lisa Miskovsky, look her up on Spotify, she has got some really nice tunes in store for you.

—>>> Lisa Miskovsky

Have a good one eh!

// Tage – Lisa

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