Popkalaset 2010

Friday, June 11th, 2010


I just received some great info from Fredrik Furu, a very kind man, I might add. I will be acting as a photographer at Popkalaset 2010 in J-City tomorrow!!

It is a rock pop festival arranged every summer in Finland with an enormous heap of artists performing. The thing is arranged during two weekends in two different cities, me and my camera will attend during the first leg in J-City tomorrow.

The artists who will fall into my lens will be Fredrik Furu, The Cajunga, Daisy Jack, ReDrama, Sister Twister, Darin, Veronica Maggio, Lorentz & M. Sakarias and perhaps even tAKIDA and Patrik Isaksson. The thing goes on for a whole day, so let’s  see for how long my batteries and memory cards can run. Excited? Yes.

The festival will obviously bring me a gianormous amount of shots to edit, days in front of the screen, but hey, it’s all good! Wish me luck…!

PS. Check out the festival from here –>> ( www.popkalaset.com )

// Tage – The Popkalaset man!

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2 Responses to “Popkalaset 2010”

  1. No just, näät Furun ja Redraman. Pakko olla vähän kateellinen :D

  2. :) Hyvä! Kannattaa olla! Koska itse olen hyvin innostunut!

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