Pink – Krista Siegfrids

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Well yes.

A few days ago I invited Krista Siegfrids to my condo to try out my newly bought pink backdrop. Yes, it’s pink, it’s glam and it’s very 80′s.

We had some laughs and got some really nice frames collected. Krista has recently reached the finals in “The Voice of Finland” contest, all my luck to her, you go girl!

All of a sudden some of the frames we shot got published on The Voice‘s web site, link below. In other words – grand awesome news!

Have a glance at my favorite memory from our pink day!

( Krista Siegfrids by Tage )

So, hope you enjoy this very pink frame.

—>>> Krista on The Voice

—>>> The Krista Siegfrids website

Have a mighty fine day folks!

// Tage – Pink

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2 Responses to “Pink – Krista Siegfrids”

  1. Ahhh, YOU did this??? AWESOME. I remember seeing in on the voice’s site by accident…how cool is that

    And Krista is awesome, I’m keeping my thumbs up for her, too. I was attending one of those live sing offs a few months back, when they were being recorded and she happened to be singing then and damn, she can really sing!!!!

  2. Thanks girl!

    And you checked out one of the recordings at Nosturi, cool, hope you enjoyed it. Too bad Krista’s Voice of Finland journey ended already, I would have liked to see her bring home that competition. Perhaps another season..

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