Package sent, package received!

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Yes, well.. Now this I have to mention! This can’t go unsaid!

Every once in a while I arrange competitions, or lotteries, at this site.. And then of course people win stuff, small trophies in various sizes and forms. During the last competition I arranged the winner was from Bulgaria.

She won a signed Cajunga video poster and some Sturm und Drang signatures. And yes, I sent the package to Bulgaria and now she have received it. And guess what. The winner did a blog post on the win! And not only a blog post, but a 10-minute video on the “unwrapping” of the package – this is awesome!

Over here, at the following clicker, you can read all about the prize and watch the “unpacking-video”.. This was and is a first, I’ll tell you, this is unique!


I better let you in on some cool news though. A very grand competition is coming up on my site any time soon. The prize is somewhat fantastic, I bet you’ll love it. Say no more Tage, say no more.. Wait and C. Wait and read. Wait and bleed (harsh Slipknot reference intended)..

// Tage – The lottery dude

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