Oulu music video festival – We’re in!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Yes well!

Happy times alright. I got the hip information today that two of our previous music video productions have been accepted to the OMVF (Oulu Music Video Festival) held in Oulu between the 22-26th of August.

( The Oulu Music video festival – 22.-26.08.2012 )

135 videos have been selected to compete for the Kultainen Pumpeli (The Golden Pumpeli) and among these I happily found two of Eva Lingon‘s productions.

The videos selected for the competition were “Swallow the Sun – Cathedral Walls” and “Godsplague – Live like it’s your last day”.

( Swallow the Sun – Cathedral Walls – Directed by Tage for Eva Lingon Ltd. )

( Godsplague – Live like it’s your last day – Directed by Tage for Eva Lingon Ltd. )

Be sure to swing by the list of contenders, loads of good ones!

—>>> Oulu Music Video Festival

What a joyous day lads – wish us luck in the competition!

// Tage – Oulu Music Video Festival Tage

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