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Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Yes, so?

A few weeks ago I told you guys a story about me directing a pack of commercial spots for Arcada – University of applied sciences, yes? Yes I did.

Since we made 14 of them it takes a while to get em’ all ready and steady. But yes, with this insert I want to give you folks a glimpse of the future, so here is one outta 14 videos we made for the school together with Adelias, Ramedus, Niklas Laurin and Tage, and hey, this one is in English!

Well, not just yet, before you see it you should know that all of these 14 videos, although this is just one, are produced by Adelias Productions, shot by Ramedus and directed by Tage.

( One out of 14 Arcada commercial spots )

So, hope you’ll apply for Arcada this spring, yes?

// Tage – Commercial man!

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