Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


I possess an old 70′s camera called Yashica FX-D, every once in a while I grab a hold of it and shoot some old school shots.. Only a few days ago I found the camera stuffed in the closet, had not seen it for months, and then I suddenly remembered that it was a black & white film in it almost fully framed.. So I snapped a few shots just to get it filled and I went to collect the shots from the film developers office..

When I got the pics yesterday I was quite surprised, some of those pics had been taken over a year ago and I thought I’d share the best shots from the roll with you guys.. And the thing with 70′s cameras and especially with my Yashica is that no matter what you point the lens at will look cool.. Doesn’t matter if it’s correctly exposed, sharp or even bright enough, everything just looks very vintage and cool.. And yes, this is not an opinion, it’s the truth!

Check out the shots and, and.. And nothing..

( So Long Sisters at Helsinki Records January 2009 )

( Salla of So Long Sisters at Helsinki Records January 2009 )

And apparently I have been carrying around the Yashica at some promotional shoots last spring.. The next shot I kinda remember, it was during the Werna promo shoot in May 2009 somewhere outside Helsinki. I really love this one, in fact, I liked it so much I sent it to the band encouraging them to start using it at their myspace.. Check it out..

( Werna promo shoot 2009 )

And the last shot is taken when I was assisting Matias Nystedt at an Absolut Vodka commercial shoot.. A school assignment if I remember it right.. Matias is also they guy who did the design for my web site…

( Matias Nystedt – October 2009 )

( The Camera )

And those were the best shots from the roll. I will definitely take up 35mm shooting again, the excitement when you get to see the pics is just priceless. Yay for old school! Have a nice day folks..

// Tage – The 35mm

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7 Responses to “OLD SCHOOL”

  1. :)

  2. ahh, 70′s cameras and 80′s music! :D
    I really like old school stuff, they make me wanna go back in time. The camera looks awesome and it makes pretty nice shots. The one with Werna is impressive, indeed!
    So start using it more often.

  3. :-) Thank you, and from now on I’ll try to use if very often!

  4. Miten oot saattanu unohtaa tän kameran? Ihan mahtava!

  5. Tulee ihan varmasti enemmän tästä kamerasta, ostan viikonlopulla uutta filmiä ja kuvaan lisää hommia!

  6. Yes! I like the black and white shots, and the Werna pic in particular. It’s crazy and cool at the same time. :)
    By the way we have a gig at bar Friday 26.3., come and check it out!

  7. :)

    If I’m in Helsinki I’ll be sure to visit Bar Friday on the 26th!

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