Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Tonight is a very exciting night, I’ll tell you why!

It has been almost 2 years since I started making my documentary about the great rock band Gung-Ho! from Karperö in Korsholm, tonight it will air for the first time on TV. This will happen at the following channel – YLE FST5 klo 22.30. The program is called Raakadokkari 2009 and it will go on for about 30 minutes. The documentary is 22 minutes long and the rest of the show is built up with an interview together with myself and the bassist Magnum Bayer.

Now these are fabulous news, but that isin’t all my friends. This afternoon the word spread that there was a picture of me and Magnum is Helsingin Sanomat (Finland’s biggest newspaper), hooray! So I went to buy the paper, and there it was! Haha! Me and Magnum in “Hesari”. Now these news were so cool that I had to take a picture of the me and the newspaper… Check it out!


(Dude holding paper)

The pic in the paper!

(The pic that was used in the paper)

These things made me very happy and I sure am very very excited tonight, hope someone other than me is watching the documentary, at least there will be 1 or 2 viewers, and that makes me happy! It doesn’t matter if someone catches the doc on the telly, know why, because Helsingin Sanomat had a small text about me that said “Ohjaaja Tage Rönnqvist kertoo bändidokumentistaan, klo 22.30″ (The Director Tage Rönnqvist talks about his Rockumentary). They actually referred to me as a director, and they had a pic of me.. Haha! Now I can rest in peace! :) Why is this cool I hear the pessimist asking.. It just is!

Last but not least I’ll post the films poster, so if you aren’t catching it on the telly, at least you can enjoy the poster. The program will be avaliable on the internet for 7 days after tonight, I’ll post the link to the show in the comment-booth later tonight.. Cheers everyone!

Gung-ho! poster (2008)

(Pic and design by myself)

//Tage – Nii varmaan -

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