Musik & Talang 2012 on tour – Borgeaux

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Well yes.

The Musik & Talang 2012 caravan is currently touring Finland with a few events to promote the upcoming 2012 congress held in Wasa later this year.

Together with Anders Lönnfeldt we visited the first stop of the tour yesterday – the Borgeaux event. The night was filled with a heap of good people, great discussions, nice debates and some really swell gigs to end a great day.

This was the first of three stops, the stage was awesomed by The Onetimer, Puuttuvat and Redrama. Tonight me and Anders shot a small promofilm for the event as well as taking loads of stills to let you know what awesomeness you missed this evening, be sure to hop on the tour on their next stop in Ekenäs next Friday.

The promotional mini-mini documentary film as well as a bunch of shots will be up on the Musik & Talang site in a few days. As for now I’m leaving you with a shot of the great Anderz.

( Musik & Talang & Anderz )

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