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Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


As we are closing in on 100k on the “Drottningen av Åland” video I thought I’d post some cool videos regarding this very project.

Get set.

Last weekend Janne Grönroos performed the song at Popkalaset in Jeppis with Krista Siegfrids doin’ the Pandora part, and some chicks in the audience filmed it all, have a go!

( Janne Grönroos feat. Krista Siegfrids – Drottningen av Åland LIVE )

And then again, something lol n’ cool, you want to master the Åland moves? Check out this tutorial on how to lay down the steps.

( The Drottningen av Åland dance moves by AK Siegfrids )

And yes, the making of the video is now also found on youtube, have a go.

( The making of Drottningen av Åland )

And there you have it, a few easter eggs from the “Drottningen av Åland” production.

Hope you enjoyed these babies!

// Tage – Tage av Åland

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  1. Hahaha, “I’m ready for you” :D Made me laugh!

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