Making the Mangoo video – the shots!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

So, yes!

During the past two days I have been in Suomen Turku with the Eva Lingon crew shooting our next music video.

It has been two very long days in good company with good results, the video is very unknown/evil/white sheets/Bill Murray-themed hosted by Mangoo as “The Fuzzbusters” to their song called Deathmint – it’s the first single from their upcoming second album.

I don’t have an exact release date for this video, but I bet it’ll be a while before the video hits Youtube since the thing will be powered by a great deal of special effects and I believe it’s gonna take a while to get this thing sorted out at the editing dorms – but hey, it’s gonna be worth waiting for.

Anyhow, Niklas Laurin, our grip and assistant in everything took a great deal of still frames during the two Turku days, so have a peek folks – Eva Lingon in Suomen Turku making Mangoo‘s brand new video!

( Making the next Mangoo video by Niklas Laurin )

Note: We shot a great deal of the video in Piikkiö at a barnyard, over there we found quite a lot of “stuff” to add to our sets. So while we were snooping around the props Rickard “Pickles” Dahllund, the voice of Mangoo, taught me that there is nothing more awesome in the world than a Honda Monkey from the 70′s (to wich Igor Del Toro, bass master of Mangoo, responed “If you say so..”) – take notes folks.

And now you will be able to see one of these in the video once it’s finished – cause we actually found one of those bikes at the barnyard. You should have seen Pickles eyes when he saw the Honda Monkey. Priceless. “This has to be in the video!”.

Stay tuned for updates on this project, I bet you’ll love the finished product. Meanwhile, check out the video participants on the web!

—>>> Mangoo

—>>> Rasmus Tåg

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

—>>> Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab

Have a good one folks – start rocking to the fuzzy sound of Mangoo!

// Tage – the Director

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