Making the Ghoul Patrol video

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Well, awesome times!

A few days ago we shot our soon to be released Ghoul Patrol video to their song Six feet under. It was all about line dancing and death metal, the usual stuff really.

Have a go at some making-of-the-video frames taken by Niklas Laurin during our day with the banjo ones!

( The making of “Six Feet Under” – all shots by Niklas Laurin )

The editing of this video will begin sometime next week, I don’t have an exact date for the video premiere, but I bet it’s quite around the corner. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you wanna feel more of the Ghoul Patrol or check out a few more “making of” shots, hit some links!

—>>> Ghoul Patrol

—>>> Eva Lingon

And yes, a big thanks goes out to the boys in Ghoul Patrol, the awesome Country Lines gang, the Eva Lingon crew and the good people over at Spinefarm Records for making the shooting of this video a splendid experience, thanks!

// Tage – Ghoul Tage

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