Making the Brymir video part 2 – The fierce fire!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

So, yes. Well hella cool. The Retribution shoot is over!

I’m utterly happy to say that the Brymir video is finally canned, after weeks of planning this project the Tage is now very Brymirized and spent. Nice.

Check out a couple of snaps from our second day with the Brymir lads.

( The video crew )

Perhaps the most awesome thing of them all is that we used fire today, pyrotechnics dude, this was our first time playing with flames during a video shoot and it was loads of fun I’ll tell you, loads of fun. Excited, to say the least, to see how it fits the video.

( Britney Speared? )

I still don’t have the exact date for the grand premiere of this video yet, but hey, It’ll be up n’ running on Youtube at least within’ 14 days, the editing of this thing will begin first thing tomorrow. Lookin’ forward! Stay put for updates alright.

( Viktor in the abyss )

A big thank you goes out to Brymir for acting out this project in a perfect manner, can’t thank you enough for spending two fine days with us in the midst of enraged agony, mischief and pain.

( First assistant director, cinematographer & gaffer )

..and it is definitely worth mentioning that the weather was really cookin’ today, hot like a motherfucker, the Tage is ravaged and my skin is a bit tanned to say the least – happy problems?

So, start waiting for the Brymir premiere. Soon oh soon!

—>>> Brymir

—>>> Eva Lingon

—>>> Spinefarm Records

—>>> Ramedus

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

Have a splendid night folks.

// Tage – The pain

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