Lasse Nilsen

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Look what I found in the Tage treasure!

Yes, a while back I attended the Helsinki Comedy Festival, I took some snaps during one of the nights of the stand up artists. And I totally forgot to present some of the shots to you guys, my fellow readers.. So, here you go, a couple of shots of the fabulous Swedish stand up comedian Lasse Nilsen!

( Lasse Nilsen 1/3 )

( Lasse Nilsen 2/3 )

( Lasse Nilsen 3/3 )

And if you wanna know more about Lasse Nilsen, visit his website.

—>>> The Lasse Nilsen site

So, hope you enjoyed some frames from an awesome night in September!

// Tage – Ha ha ha

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