Kristiinankaupunki tonight!

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well, ok, yes?

If you wanna see a great rock gig tonight you should join me at Nightbird in Kristiinankaupunki, cause So Long Sisters are perorming..!

I haven’t been photographing these girls since last December when we took their latest promotional shots. But tonight I’m definitely gonna make things happen with the 5D Mark Tage. I’ll join the girls hours before the gig, shooting all kinds of pics and video for my video blog.. You’ll get it all, weather you like it or not!

And since things are going so well for the ladies at the moment I think, and I know, that the show is gonna be, that’s right, awesome! The girls are currenly in the YleX kellarivideoraati semi-finals and one of the most popular bands at the YleX kellari.. Nice!

So, everyone – come see So Long Sisters at Nightbird in Kristiinankaupunki tonight! The show starts at midnight!

Check em’ out at ( )

PS. I witnessed the Swedish 90′s disco/techno/pop queen Pandora on stage in Waasa last night :-) “Gonna tell the World I’m doing allright – like you baby” The nineties are back people! Too bad I didn’t take any pictures..

// Tage – excited

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2 Responses to “Kristiinankaupunki tonight!”

  1. Yeah, wish I could come. SLS are a great band! I voted for them on the semi-finals, I hope they win! ^^ And I can’t wait for the shots *jumping on the spot* !!! Tell us how the gig was when you come back. :D

  2. Oh, you voted! Thank you very very much! Hopefully they’ll win!

    Some time next week I’ll post a bunch of video clips and shots from tonight’s gig! I bet this evening will be great!

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