Monday, May 14th, 2012

Well yes.

Tonight’s all about hockey. Tage is off to the Hartwall Arena to check out when Leijonat are about to give Kazakhstan a proper ass-whopping.

( Tage vs. Kazakhstan )


// Tage – FIN vs. KAZ

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3 Responses to “Kazakhstan”

  1. You were so, so, so lucky to get to see that live! :D Though I may get a glimpse of Finland – Russia tomorrow, myself! :D

    And this pic is mega awesome, btw. Ultra good.

  2. The Stif!

    Did you get to see any of the Finland-Russia game in the Areena? Was it cool, was it lol?

  3. NOT cool! :D Especially the drunken “happy” russians roaming the streets of Helsinki after 7 o’clock…damn, I wished I could punch a few.

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