In Amsterdam..

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Yes well..

The Tage is blogging and wogging from the very awesome, nice and fancy Banks Mansion hotel in the Netherlands. This is grand I’ll tell you. And Amsterdam, my second time here, and this time, this stay, this visit, it feels even better than the first time.. The people, the streets, the culture, the everything. Great!

So, tomorrow I’m getting ready to hit the IBC feast. The International Broadcasting Convention, or something, haha.. Gonna check out all the stuff worth knowing inside the broadcasting world.. Gonna learn stuff! Gonna be grand, I hope! Loads of gonna’s.. What are you gonna do ey?

Well then. Wish me luck. And I’ll tell ya, once again, Amsterdam, well it’s fucking awesome.

(and yes, I brought my camera, I’ll try to capture all the memorable moments, but it’s kinda hard to edit some shots from the hotel computer.. later alright…)

// Tage – AmsterTage

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2 Responses to “In Amsterdam..”

  1. Post. full. of. shots. when. you. come. back.

    —> :!: <—

  2. I’ll do just that! :)

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