In Amsterdam.. (part deux – the 3D race)

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Yes, alright babes!

So, where to begin, it’s been a long day. Well, all days are equally long, but still, you have to know what I mean.. Oh, you don’t? Well, figure it out.

It all started with some freshly squeezed (is that right?) OJ at the hotel. Then I was off to the RAI center with my buddy Stefano Mountain Power to check out the IBC 2010 thingy. And yes, this thing was huge, like 35 botniahallen’s, hopefully you know the great botniahallen at the Vasa-remsan, the border between Vasa and Korsholm.. No, nothing? You follow. Yes.

Anyway – it seems as if the media world has gone totally nuts, in 3D. Yes. Everything was about the 3D. TV’s, cameras, monitors (not the lizzard), computers and everything else. I mean, when I went for a quick leak in the restrooms I had to wear those special glasses – cause the toilets were digitally screened on to a screen in 3D. Everything is 3D now a days it seems.

I tried out loads of new equipment from Panasonic, Saquto, Canon, Sony and what have you – I acted like a small child in the karkkikauppa. Awesome! I even attended some 3D classes and what have you – I figured out that I have to create a music video in 3D, it’s just a question of fundings, I mean, the Panasonic 3D camera alone costs nearly 20 000 euros.. Jeez. But after tryin’ out this thing for a nice 15 minutes you’ll notice that you love 3D, I know I did, gotta get me one of those..

So, if you’re into techs and spechs, go to the IBC 2011 next year, cause then it’ll be about the new and awesome 4D in mega slow-mo computer and cyberchip and other cool words as well, or whatever – I’m sure it’ll be a blast! Anyway, gotta love IBC, it has been an amazing day!

Then we got back to the city to check out some more restaurants, of which there are 5 million, and we found this awesome place called, and this is bad, “Ristorante Italiano”, I mean, what the fuck? How are people supposed to google that one? It’s like that American rock band from 2001 called “A”.. C’moon, google that already, I’m sure you’ll find it in a jiffy.

And now, and then what. Well, tomorrow I’m off to the IBC again to feast on some more techs and spechs – cause in my 8 hours of lurking around today, I merely saw half of the stuff, that’ll give you a hint of the enormous size of this conference. I’ll say this again. Amsterdam – awesomedam!

Peace out fuckers!

// Tage - The 3D master

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2 Responses to “In Amsterdam.. (part deux – the 3D race)”

  1. Saquto? It’s spelled Zacuto!!! That’s one of the reasons why I should have gone to Amsterdam and had some freshly pressed OJ instead of you! Jealousy I tell you! :)

  2. Saquto, Zacuto.. Potatis Potatis. :) at least I had some correctly spelled OJ. suck on that.

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