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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Yes! Finally I get to reveal the big secret behind the my next music video project. The guest star in the new Fredrik Furu video is Pauline Kamusewu..! And now it’s out in the open!

Together with Fredrik Furu we’ve been working quite a lot on his upcoming video already. It is to be shot the 21st of May, so it’s not very far away. And what’s even more cool is that the producer Jimmy Westerlund is to make an appearance in the video also, so I have three stars to deal with.. Nice! The song to which the video is being put together is called “Det Går Över” (It’ll pass) taken from Fredrik’s first solo album Hollywoodhjärtan.

Pauline is a very well known Swedish artist, most guys know her from her hit single “Give me a call”, and recently she participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen with her fabulous song “Sucker for Love”, she has also been working with Bo Kaspers Orkester, namedropping, awesome – I love namedropping!

The video will be shot entirely in Ostrobothnia, at locations like Tottesund, Wasa and Oravais. This is gonna be something special, I can promise you that! As my right hand man the Ramedus is to act as cinematographer for this one once again, and it is to be shot with the 5D accompanied with the lovable video crane.  In case you desired some tech-specs..

Well what can I say. I’m looking forward to this one like hell. Check out Fredrik Furu at the following clicker ( ) and Pauline ( ) and Jimmy Westerlund at ( )…

Follow the updates on this project right here, I’ll give you the news on everything as soon as they reach me..! So, make sure you are staying tuned and informed, and perhaps you should spread the word to everyone you have ever known. This was it for this particular Wednesday folks.

PS. I’m sorry for not posting any pics in the last few inserts, it’s because I’m in Wasa and the pic-possibilities haven’t been the greatest. Soon oh soon I’ll get back to posting pics like a madman..

// Tage – headed for Turku again

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