Eva Lingon lottery!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Well yes!

A few days ago we shot a music video for the fantabulous rockers in Bob Malmström, and while we were shooting this thing I figured we should put out a lottery of some kind, so, this is it!

It’s now or never, get the chance to win a unique signed Bob Malmström 500 note. All you have to do is to go down to the bottom of this insert and press the blue link. It’ll take you to the Eva Lingon Facebook site. Press like under the picture and you are in the lottery. Simple!

We will announce the winner on the 1st of December 2011.

( Go to the Eva Lingon facebook and like this pic )

The note is signed by all the band members as well as the lovely Mathias Lillmåns outta Finntroll. So, hit the following link and like the picture and you are in the lottery!

—>>> The Eva Lingon lottery on Facebook

Good luck people!

// Tage – Fyrk Finns!

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2 Responses to “Eva Lingon lottery!”

  1. Fantastiskt!

  2. Ja att de e ja! En tvättäkta BOB sedel!

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