En dag som feat. Tage

Saturday, November 24th, 2012


A few weeks ago I took part in a small web spot series shot and done by Radio X3M. To put it shortly, it’s a series called “En dag som…” where the radio profile Frida Lindholm tries out the lives of different celebrities for a day, sort of..

Anywho, one of these episodes starred the rocking queeen Krista Siegfrids – and this is where I come in. Since I was part of her day that day, I play a small part in the latest episode. Grand. Have a look.

—>>> En dag som.. (with Krista Siegfrids)

And here’s a few shots from the shoot featured in “En dag som..” episode 4.

( Krista by Tage )

( Frida by Tage )

More info on the episode found here.

—>>> En dag som

Have a great weekend folks!

// Tage – En dag som

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