Editing the myGRAIN video – Day 5!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

So, yes, well cool!

( Adelias & Anders )

Here you go, a small status report from the Ramedus office.

Today we have finished our fifth day of editing the new myGRAIN music video “Trapped in an Hourglass”. I’m happy to report to you that around 97% of the video is now done and you can officially start waiting for a premier - good times!

( Adelias )

The coolest thing today was when our good friend and camera operator Adelias decided to show up on our doorstep, he spent around 5 minutes in our editing company, and yet I had to put up a blog on the guy. He gave us some hints, tricks and pointers on the video and left, such a swell dude.

( Andy & Ramedus )

So, what else is there to put out in the open? Well, the video is looking great.

I’m headed towards the Ramedus office after some hours of sleep and then we are set out to finish the thing. Some last clicks and it should be in the can, but yes, this is all true if we don’t run into some major computer-fucks, it’s usually when you’re done and ready to export the video that things change, hopefully everything goes well in the last stage tomorrow!

Even the color correcting of the video is done, so keep your fingers crossed for our last stage!

// Tage – el director

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