Editing the myGRAIN video – Day 3!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

So, yes?

There has been some serious hours of harsh editing going down at the Ramedus office during the last days. We are currently editing the new myGRAIN video “Trapped in an Hourglass”, and it should be somewhat ready in a few days yes, still don’t now any release date, but soon oh soon it’ll hit the web – that’s a promise.

( Ramedus & Anders Lönnfeldt at work )

We have now noticed that at least 70% of the video is quite in order, that’s why we called in Anders Lönnfeldt today, Mr. Flanders yes… He is our special effects supervisor, and this fine evening he fixed and trixed with some pretty nice effect shots.. Anders is a rather talented fella, I bet he loves me for scribbling down such lovely words about his talents, yes, with and an “s”, plural, he is quite the multi-talented guy. Valo valmis suckers.

( Anders with his effect eyes! )

Overall, I think the video is looking quite splendid as we speak, it still needs lots of finishing clicks however, but we are on the right track, I can tell you that. And now I noticed that the great Mr. Lönnfeldt is the focused dude on every single shot in this insert – lol.

( Yes, the finger! )

Tomorrow we will continue editing from the earliest of mornings at the Ramedus office and hopefully this time tomorrow the video will be about 90% finished, and as soon as I know the correct date for the youtube-premier I’ll let you in on the info, until then, wish us all the luck you got pal, cause we wanna make this one grand!

// Tage – el director

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  1. Haha..valo valmis:D

  2. Epic lol

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