De Van & Rock Fuel

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Right, cool stuff coming up!

It has become very clear to me now that I will be shooting the upcoming De Van gig at Royal Night in Wasa! Awesome news yes! This is a rather new metal act from Sweden, Stockholm fronted by the very cool rocker dude-man called Eric De Van! Check them out on the following clicker…


The show will be held on the 16th of July. I’m just getting familiar with the band, and yes, I like it very much! Hopefully the “like it very much”-factor is the golden key to getting some awesome frames of these guys. They have recently released their first album called Planet Botox, but I still don’t possess it. And hey, if you wanna get to know these boys right now, check out their latest video…

De Van – Shine from De Van on Vimeo.

( De Van – Shine )

And yes, the big bonus, shouldn’t forget to mention that.. The warm up guys will be a group called Rock Fuel, a very cool act also! I haven’t seen these guys live before either, although they have risen to rockdom from the Wasa-area. Looking forward to this night!

If you wanna check out the Rock Fuel boys, hit the following clicker why don’t you!


And while your at it you might as well check out their latest video “Believe in me” directed by my dear friend Mentor Dreshaj who also worked with me on the new Fredrik Furu video (which hasn’t been released yet)

( Rock Fuel – Believe in Me )

And what else? Nothing. Looking forward to this evening of rock.. Stay true all you Manowar fans! (I had to add the Manowar thing to the Stay true part so that people wouldn’t get upset)…

// Tage – Saamari Mumin

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  1. Haha…stay strong, brother! Hail the Odin and you shall have a great time with De Van and Rock Fuel!

  2. I thank you my good lady..

  3. Cool 8)

  4. Siisti!


  6. ? :)

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