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Friday, July 23rd, 2010


In a matter of days, on Monday to be exact, me and Rasmus Tåg are finally shooting our next music video..! And this is all going down before we have even released our new Fredrik Furu video.. So that’s nice. The next video is being put together in Wasa for the Helsinki rockers called Walkalone to their fantabulous new single “Echoes”.

Loads of stuff is going down right now and we are tryin’ to put together all the pieces as we speak. This fine Thursday we went to check out the location for the shoot together with the gaffer Mentor Dreshaj and the make up artist Sara Dahlback.

( The gaffer and the cinematographer )

We have chunks of great things in store for this next video, and it’s all being recorded in a gigantic studio in Wasa called MediaCity, this is all awesome news.. And we are even shooting parts of it on the RED camera. However, we need some help from innocent bystanders during the end of the shooting day.. Help with throwing some balls.. It’s true – you get to throw balls if you want to. So, if you’re interested, call me.. And hey, you’ll get “en klapp på axlin” and a big thank you for the job.. And what’s better than an original Finlandssvensk “klapp på axlin”?

( Sara, Mentor and Rasmus )

And you over there, check out the band’s website for an exclusive listening to the song we are about to shoot the video for, go on, it’s free!


And what more..? Nothing. As always, I’m ending this thing with the mother of all cliché’s.. “I’m really looking forward to directing this next video”. Stay tuned – stay informed..!

// Tage – Inception, a fantastic film..

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2 Responses to “Check the location”

  1. Jumakeuta ni e hårda karar. Ni e som gudar för mig!

  2. Tänk att kunna vara en gud för nån.. De känns riktit bra må ja säga, kiva att vara en såndä gud.

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