Brymir – a quick preview!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Yes, so, tonight was all about the Finnish epic-melodic-Hans Zimmer-metal-heads knows as Brymir.

A few hours ago I attended their Helsinki showdown at D.O.M. This was my first time Brymiring myself, and let me announce something, it won’t be the last. Jesus Christ almighty. These guys rocked in all directions. Probably the best show I’ve seen this year. Awesome.

And here you go, a quick preview from tonight.

( Jarkko Niemi of Brymir )

( Viktor Gullichsen of Brymir )

And then, all of a sudden the show was gone, I felt I had to keep on walking the alley of Brymir, so I got myself a Brymir t-shirt and Ramedus snapped a “fan-shot” of me and Viktor. Lovely.

( I’m breathing fire to the sun )

So, what you gotta do is this – log on to the empire of Brymir and be sure to get yourself a copy of their debut album “Breath fire to the sun”.

And if you’re a lazy motherfucker, well tune in to Spotify and start rocking out to the epic tunes of Brymir, the very least you can do is to go facebook-like these boys! Up the Brymirs.

—>>> Brymir

—>>> Like em’ on Facebook

Have a pagan night folks. Epic.

PS. Almost forgot, in a few days I’ll post an entire set of shots from this very night, just hold on, more shots are coming!

// Tage – Släng dig i väggen Hans Zimmer!

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  1. They rocked big time last night!

  2. Hell yes!!

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