Back in the Shame Cave – not your average Thursday…

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Well, it’s been a while since I last visited the cave of shame on the island of the Karp. But now, yes now. And as you guys already know, I’m the only “certified journalist” allowed to write about Shame Lane, the only info you’re getting on the world’s next big thing is through this very site. So, enjoy all the updates why don’t you. Loads of joy, rock and sleaze. Shame Lane!

( Shame Lane – Dr. Landslide, Magnum Bayer, Goldie Andrews, Jack the Skipper )

First thing’s first alright. Shame Lane is now consisted of a full line-up, that’s right, no more bull shit, the boys are finally fit to fight, fit to rock and fit for you – and you’re gonna love em’. The line-up is Magnum Bayer on vocals and bass, Goldie Andrews on vocals and guitar, Dr.Landslide on drums and Jack the Skipper on guitar.

Yes, I was invited to the Shame Lane boot camp last week to listen to some new tunes, in fact, I got to listen to their whole live set, and you know what’s grand about this thing? They had every spot filled and I got to experience the whole shebang for real this tme, no stand-ins, no gorillas, no blond harmonica students from Switzerland, no nothing, just Shame Lane. Awesome.

So, who’s the new guy (I hear the Shame Lane fans asking)? Well, his name is Jack the Skipper. That’s right, Jacko Jackman outta Skipper land, and when he pulls off those rocking licks on his Jackson, well, you don’t wanna be elsewhere. But where did Tony Lane go? (I still hear the Shame Lane fans talking alright). Well, Magnum Bayer told me that Mr.Lane recently started painting, hiking as well as writing down license plates of all the yellow cars he can see from his window. So wish your goodies to Tony. The era of Jack has begun.

And hey, great news folks. In a matter of days the band is headed for the studio, that’s right, the dudes are recording some sleazy stuff alright, in a studio located on unknown whereabouts in the big city of Österbotten. I met with the producer as he also was present in the Shame Cave last week, the man is called HH. Bayer, the multi-talented vocalist-bass-monster told me that they were aiming for 2-5 songs and a pair of new rollerblades during their upcoming studio-time, that means that soon oh soon we will be getting ourselves an authentic Shame Lane EP (probably during the upcoming summer) – can’t wait, and that goes for you swell, you can’t wait you fucker!

And it seems like as if the golden drummer, Dr.Landslide, has fallen in love with pink while I was absent for 3 months, not the U n’ ur hand-artist, the color of course, yes, the color. Everything about him was pink this evening, he told me that it was because a student from Gambia who was traveling’ through The Karp Island a few days ago sold him a bunch of pink clothes, it’s true, it’s all true. A pink hat, a pink leather jacket, pink undies, pink condoms and even a pink bicycle. Dr. Landslide told me that all of his pink clothes was made from pure kebab animals – and nowadays he seems to go by the very suiting name of Dr. Pinky Landslide, sleazy? True. All true.

What else? Well, the infamous super-hero guitar-kissing maniac dude Goldie Andrews has bought himself a brand new förstärkare, an Orange förstärkare, so that’s all good right. What is förstärkare called in any other language than Swedish? Styrkkare. Who cares.

And yes, all of a sudden the night was over and I had to leave the shame cave, I cried, but only minutes before I had to leave Dr.Landslide also started to cry, he told us that he was late, late for what? He was supposed to count reindeer in Suomussalmi and he totally forgot about it, he missed the eastern European PV Suzuki that was gonna take him there. Magnum Bayer had a Smarry bar and laughed him right in the face, but then he told me that Goldie is the one eating most of the Smarry bars on the Karp Island, no one can eat Smarry bars like Goldie. Weird stuff I tell you, and what is a Smarry bar?

And this was another one of those normal nights in “Fammos källarin” on the Island of Karp.

So, until the next time alright, stay tuned for more updates on Shame Lane – soon they will be released upon your sleazy ears. Start waiting for pics and video blogs from their studio time – we don’t wanna miss that!

Skryp Påsk.

// Tage – Shame on me

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