Awaiting the myGRAIN premiere!

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

That’s right!

The new myGRAIN music video “Trapped in an Hourglass” is in the fucking can boys and girls, it’s ready for the eyes of the world! Currently we are all waiting for the premiere, cause this time it is not I or Ramedus who is uploading the video, it is all in the hands of the record company, Spinefarm Records!

If everything goes according to plan we should be getting a premiere in the very beginning of next week, so keep your eyes opened these upcoming days and you will be well informed when the time is right all right!

So far, both Spinefarm Records and myGRAIN has been very fond of the finished thing, so, great success I guess! Hopefully you’ll like it too, start waiting!

Saturday – wine and dine – this calls for a celebration guys!

// Tage – Soon oh soon chaps!

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2 Responses to “Awaiting the myGRAIN premiere!”

  1. Counting the minutes! This should be awesome! ^^

  2. Niiiice!! Exciting! :)

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