Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

So Yes?

Now this set of pics I had totally forgot about, the other day I was browsing around on my desktop, like you do, and I found an interesting folder tagged “Astrid Swan @ Tavastia 14th of October”, weird.. Haha. Well, I kinda remembered, but I just haven’t had the time to edit these shots.

A while back when I hung out at Tavastia to shoot Cats on Fire (it is a band, not actual burning cats), another band, not very familiar to me at the time, was to perform as the main act.. And these/she where called Astrid Swan and the Drunk Lovers. So that’s the story in short. The background facts for this insert that is..

They gave a good concert but unfortunately the lighting was not very optional for shooting the act with my cam, it was very dark.. It gave a certain feeling that very well worked for the music but not for my shooting.. But I seem to have, in some ways, managed to get at least a few good shots of her and the drunken lovers.

( The Drunk Lovers )

So, after their show I found out that I was kinda fond of their music.. Naturally.  So I went to my local record store and realized that I had to get one of her records. And let me tell you, she is very talented and the music is really good. If you have nothing to do right now, please do check out her website…

—>>> <<<—

If you are one of the Spotifiers, one of her records is also found over there. Spin it brothers and sisters!

Right now the girl and her crew is over in Germany on a tour of Europe, so she is really doing well out there, I suppose. One thing that I remember from this gig at Tavastia is that I lost my lens cap to my 50mm 1.8.. So if you where there, and you by accident have found a small piece of plastic with the text “Canon” on the front side, please return it.. Haha.. Like any of those who were present at the concert are reading this.. Well hey, it’s worth a shot isin’t it.

And what more?

Let me do some thinking and we’ll see where we end up, in the mean time I’ll post you guys another shot from the gig…

The next shot will be very very green! I mean, very very very green! I mean green ok! Ok, to be honest, this is just a phrase to get the layout lookin’ alright! Goddam, it is not working.. This text should me moved to the far left side, oh crap!

( The Green Astrid )

I still haven’t come up with anything else to say, so I’ll just post another one.. And you really seem to ask why I have to say shit since it hasn’t got the littlest bit of meaning. Well, only because of the layout, so that it looks good.. No one is probably reading this, but at least I make it look good.. If it were just pics the layout would’t work since I have so many vertical pics. What? Anyway, next one..

In some of these shots I’ve tried using some textures and different filters, I usually keep those kind of things to the promotional shots, but as of today I’ve started trying out new things with live shots.. A man’s gotta evolve right?

So on the very top picture, the first one that is, I’ve thrown in a layer with some damaged glass in black and white with a somewhat low opacity, and hey, at least I think it looks alright. All of this texture talk is really Ramedus fault, or his win.. I don’t know. It was he who encouraged me to start this texture shit..

And hey, it takes a shit load of more minutes per picture to do this, but hopefully it will get me better results in the future..

( Now this one has got a lot of texture )

The pic above has at least 5 layers of texture, a bit too much I feel.. But whaddamIgonnado? Not post it? I have so much posting energy, and since the bandwidth is nowadays unlimited, no one will mind.. Is this the place and time where I should tell you, again, that my site broke down last November for being to popular..? Haha.. I guess I’ve told you about that too many times.. But hey, a man has got to brag. Oh you don’t think so? Well I can’t promise anything for the future.

And the one to your left is the last pic of today.. And yes, I’m kinda running out on editable live shots for the moment.. So if you have a band located in Finland, please do call me, mail me, whatever me, and I’ll come to see your show with my camera. I want more shots and more blog posts!

And last but not least I should tell you that Astrid Swan & the Drunk Lovers is an awesome act and if you by any chance have an opportunity to see them perform, please do, you won’t regret it.

Fun fact – today myself and Ramedus will have our first sit-down, our first brainstorming session for the upcoming 4th music video. Wish us luck!

Take care now – bye bye then!

//Tage – The Drunk Lover

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2 Responses to “ASTRID SWAN”

  1. Astrid has a great hat! And designers should include the guitars as an accessory, they look awesome!
    The shot that has a lot of texture actually looks great. I don’t know if it’s the pose or the ankle of shooting, or the texture…it looks great.

    And I tried to get Spotify and now I know why it isn’t so popular in BG. It just doesn’t have the coverage and it isn’t avaliable. It works only in Finland, Norway, France, UK, USA and 2 or 3 more contries :D

  2. The Hat! :) Lovely hat yes!

    The texture shot, cool, didn’t expect that someone would even mention it.. Maybe it’s the little green brush stroke that makes it work :) And her posé is kinda cool, it feels real to me..

    :) What, no spotify in BG..? Well, maybe someday, they have just started expanding I think, and of course they took it to the states first.. You should give them a call.. “We, the people of Varna, demand Spotify!” no?

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