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Friday, June 4th, 2010
Well yes..

I kinda appreciated myself when I told you what stuff to check out on the Tube, so that’s why I’m gonna do it again. Today, this lovely afternoon, you have to check out the following music video, if you haven’t seen it, argh, why the face, watch it again why don’t you, if you have seen it that is, rattle rattle poker face Tage Gaga…. I’m talking about a Radiohead video, to their awesome song called “No surprises”. Enjoy.

( Radiohead – No surprises )

..yes. Why do I like this one, one might be foolish enough to ask. Well, first off, the song, God, the song is just awesome. I use the word awesome in every godforsaken sentence if you haven’t noticed. Awesome. Are there any other awesome words, I think not. Well, the song, it’s awesome. And the video too. What could be more simple than to put a man inside a fish tank and spray some water in his face – nothing.
The idea for this one is so geniously simple, it’s hard to grasp how witty the thing is. I mean, check out the man when he catches his breath and continues to sing, that’s dedication pal. Haha. What do I mean? It makes no difference what I mean. The feeling, the expressions, the song, the way of thinking, the style, the everything about this fucker. I love it.
Stay tuned for more updates on the world.
PS. The video which I posted, the framing is a bit different from the original, I posted this one cause the embedding possibilities was awful with the original, dunno why.. So if you wanna check out the original scaling or framing, hit the following link. Peace out fuckers.

//Tage – tipe tipe tip tap!
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