Another goal reached!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Nice, been waiting for this day for ages..

The video we shot for Coredust to the song Without Disguise is now about 95% finished, and this feels truly nice! Tomorrow we will put in our last touch of knowledge to make the video a bit more edgy. This thing has been in the making now for many days, I think it has been even months since our first video and brainstorming date with Coredust. And now we have finally reached our goal – a finished product.. Well not quite, but almost, any day now…

( Ramedus himself chilling at the editing facilities )

I had expected the editing of the Coredust video to be a bit more time consuming, but no, we got the thing done in about 2 days.. So that was an excellent surprise! The video looks great and I really look forward to hearing some thoughts, critiques and comments on it when it’s alive n’ kickin’ on Youtube this upcoming Saturday night.

Tomorrow I’ll head back to the Ramedus offices in the afternoon to fix the last effects, gradings, bits and pieces and hopefully we will also get it exported tomorrow… The video premiers at Painobaari in Helsinki, where it was shot some weeks ago, this Saturday at 8PM and you are all welcome to join in. The video will hit Youtube during the same night, don’t know the exact time, but I’ll be sure to post it here as soon as it’s up!

Yes way, today we invited some “first eyes” for the video, among the first watchers was the great guitarist Mike from Shear, and he liked the video, that really made my day – excited as an orange on acid!

// Tage – Coredust

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4 Responses to “Another goal reached!”

  1. Can’t wait until Saturday!!! And you edited the video pretty quickly…2 days is quite the fast thing! Did you have sleep breaks or something?

    And, btw, speaking of oranges… check this out –>

    :D :D :D

  2. Haha.. I love the annoying orange! :)
    Never seen, heard or been aware of this crazy bugger, where did you find him? I’d love him on a t-shirt!

    Sleep breaks, well sure, it didn’t take that long at all to edit this video. Today we’ll just fix the last parts (some effect stuff) and then we have our fourth video. Awesome, been waiting for this for a long time..!

  3. The annoying orange is my best discovery yet! You’d be surprised of how many things like that you can find on youtube :D And I think he sells t-shirts, but they don’t deliver in BG, so I’ll have to make myself an original one (WHAT?!).

  4. …haha!
    The internet holds in store whatever you want, and beyond!

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