Another Bob Malmström preview

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Well, quick one!

Figured we’d give you another screenshot from the upcoming Bob Malmström video.

( Screenshot from the “Bob Malmström – Eliten” video )

The video will premiere at Lepakkomies in Helsinki this upcoming Wednesday (December 7th) at 9PM. The evening is to be headlined by the fabulous boys in Bob Malmström. You are all very welcome!

—>>> Bob Malmström

—>>> Eva Lingon

A premiere is close at hand!

// Tage – Fyrk!

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4 Responses to “Another Bob Malmström preview”

  1. Do they let people under 18 in this bar that you speak of? :D

  2. Do they let people under 18 in this bar/restaurant that you speak of? :D

  3. Fucking slow internet strikes again.

  4. Dunno, it’s a Wednesday band-night, so I bet it’s totally fine. I don’t think they’ll ask for ID. :) One can always believe, bet and hope. Just put on your favorite metal t-shirt and dress up like a 35 year-old heavy-girl from Espoo. Works every time.

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