Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I have finally finished the Amorphis shots. Finally, let me say it again, finally, fucking finally. Oh, that’s enough.

Amorphis @ Nosturi 1

( The very cool looking dude Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis )

The great gig was held on the second of October at Nosturi in Helsinki, the warm-up acts Amoral and Before the Dawn were also great bands. I earlier finished the Amoral pics but I still have the Before the Dawn shots to attend to. Those are for later.. It was my first time seeing Amorphis live, and let me tell ya, they were awesome! And that is not all, I only saw about 6 songs, and then I had to leave, and that bugs me to this very day. Why did I have to leave? Keep reading cockface, and since you are not probably reading at all, I can write whatever I want, I can call you a double-time wanker. So, there you go!

Amorphis @ Nosturi 2

( Silver Bride )

Since it was such a big gig I was only allowed to shoot the band during the first three songs, and after that I tried to watch to concert from the back row, but there were so many people hanging around so I couldn’t fit my small body among them. Basterds. The place was big-time jam-packed. I had to check out the band from a screen! A fucking screen. And that sucked big time, so I took mitt pick och pack and left. Jeez.

Amorphis @ Nosturi 2

( The rastafari head-banger )

Maybe that was a small price to pay since I got to enjoy the first part of the show from e very near perspective!

Amorphis @ Nosturi 4

( The audience glance )

If you wanna see all the 42 shots from this gig I suggest you go to my DeviantArt-page… I will not upload all of them on this one. What are you thinking?

(( ))

Amorphis @ Nosturi 5

( Guitar Hero )

I’ll upload 7 of them to the “from stage to page”-folder on this site. And in this bloggery thing I’ll post some pics with a feeling and a severe touch of hell. Hope you like them. My good friend R.Tåg told me that those who have taken shots of an Amorphis-show has got a certain Rock Credibility.. Have I got it now, do I have Rock cred? It sure does not feel that way, haha. I would like to have some rock cred, if you please. R.Tåg, what is rock credibilty? How does it feel? I think I just about now got it! Yes! Feels great!

Amorphis @ Nosturi 6

( Amorphis in Black and White )

So everyone, fuck you, I have got rock credibilty! :-)

//5D Mark Tage – The man with Rock Creds!

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