Always been right

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

So, the great Von Hertzen Brothers have released a new video, a very different one.

And now this is quite interesting alright, these boys have been in the Finnish rock world for quite some time, and now they are releasing a video with a very specific “way of making” it. How should I say this, it’s very rebel, it’s punk, it’s asshole in a cool way. It’s all about sharing a lifestyle, sharing moments in a very “Do it yourself” kinda way.

Check it out, form an opinion. Is it mind-blowin’? Is it genuine? Is it awesome? Is it brave? Is it iPhone asshole?

( Von Hertzen Brothers – Always been right – directed by Kie von Hertzen )

Fight the system or enlight the system, either way – I kinda fancy this thing. I bet the next Lady Gaga video will look like this. Counterweight the industry.

—>>> Von Hertzen Brothers

// Tage – Always been

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