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Monday, January 30th, 2012

So, the time has come for me to talk about the fantabulous rockers in Shear!

Heads up folks. The helsinki-based Shear is releasing their debut album, Breaking the Stillness, in a few weeks from now. However, the disc will be released in Japan on the 22nd of February, and us Finns will have to wait until the end of March. Very much like the release of Nokia’s Lumia. That’s just the way it goes ok.

( Shear promo 2012 by Tage 1/2 )

And yes, a few weeks ago I had the liberty to take the new promos for Shear. The result can be seen in this insert. For more shots, go to their brand new website, which is quite awesome, I might add.

—>>> Shear Official

You like the site? Yes you do. Check out another shot.

( Shear promo 2012 by Tage 2/2 )

And this is not all folks, no way sir. Shear is supporting myGRAIN at Virgin Oil in Helsinki this Friday – a show you cannot miss. It will be an evening to remember, a splendid fucking evening I tell you.

So, to sum things up – Shear is releasing their new album quite soon, they have a new website and they have a show this Friday. And you, yes you are invited to join the Shear-army. Start by liking these mothertruckers on facebook!

—>>> Shear Facebook

And that is all folks, have a swell one!

// Tage – Shear Tage

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