Adult oriented death metal…

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Yes, that’s right.

The headline is referring to how tonight’s main act at Tavastia, Omnium Gatherum, are describing their musical genre. Anyway folks.

I had a blast tonight when I got to experience a night full of harsh raw-powered death metal shows in the heart of Helsinki, this is what Tuesday-nights should be all about. The place was somewhat crowded so I guess I was not the only one leaving Salkkarit behind this evening.

( Omnium Gatherum – Markus Vanhala )

Yes, since I got home in a rather christian time I figured why not post some fast snaps from the shows held this evening. The bands on stage were Omnium Gatherum (FIN) and Dead Shape Figure (FIN), and let me tell you, both of these ensembles kicked – hard.

( Omnium Gatherum – Jukka Pelkonen )

And this I need to share. Since it’s been weeks since I last shot a rock show I had to bring the MarkTage up to full speed tonight, and yes, the shutter was on fire, it was rolling like Fred Durst on Crystal Meth. I snapped around 4000 frames and the machine was exhaling like that dude in Terminator 2 right before he explodes.

The shots presented here is a small glimpse of the upcoming full-scale gig reports in pictures later on, if you didn’t get that part.. More shots coming later so to speak. Yes? Hella yes.

( Dead Shape Figure )

What else? Nothing, really. Tonight was fun. Wanna go again. Too bad I missed Kylie Minogue at Hartwall Areena tonight?

Wanna see and hear more of these guys?

—>>> Omnium Gatherum

—>>> Dead Shape Figure


// Tage – The Adult Oriented Death Metal Photographer

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