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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

So, yes?

Well a few months ago we shot a commercial spot for Kristinestad with Rasmus Tåg for the international project called CittaSlow.

CittaSlow is a movement that started in Italy back in the 90′s, a network between smaller idyllic cities around the world so to say. The project has a series of goals and aims involving cultural diversity, protecting the environment and the quality of life in cities with a population under 50 000.

Kristinestad has been accepted to the CittaSlow group, and that’s why they asked us for a small film about the city showing you guys all of it’s fine qualities.

Check out the final spot if you please, shot entirely in the lovely town of Kristinestad.

( CittaSlow – KristineStad – by Tage Rönnqvist & Rasmus Tåg )

So, do go and visit this little town if you ever have the chance, it’s filled with small attractions, lovely nature and enjoyable citizens.

( The CittaSlow stamp )

Feel everything on the world wide web.

—>>> Kristinestad

—>>> CittaSlow

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – CittaTage

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