A Godsplague teaser…

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Well yes – closing in on a showdown now!

The premier of our Godsplague music video shot to their upcoming single “Live like it’s your last day” has been delayed for some time now, due to several reasons. Anyhow, the premiere is now finally closing in – big time.

The band has now made a small teaser for the upcoming video, so, do indeed check this one out and await a video premiere any time soon.

( A Godsplague video teaser )

And as mentioned in the teaser, their upcoming forth studio album “Revival” will be out in stores this fall. I can assure you that it’ll be a very kickass record, take my word for it!

—>>> Godsplague

So, expect a video premiere quite soon!

// Tage – GodsTage

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