2 days of music video shooting ahead!

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Well yes!

Together with Rasmus Tåg we will begin a two-day music video shoot tomorrow, and the client? Yes, well, we are making a video for FST5′s BUU-klubben, swell!

( The BUU-stämpel )

The recording of this video will go down at various places around Helsinki, I’ll keep you posted with making-of pics after the shoot. The video is being shot to a song called “BUU-klubbssången”, I bet you’ll love it, and I really believe that the result is gonna turn out great!

We’ll shoot the piece with our dear 5D Mark Tage to a script written by one of the BUU-klubben hosts named Stefanie “Fifi” af Björksten.

So, wish us luck, and expect a bunch of making-of-shots in a not too distant future.


// Tage – Makin’ children’s TV again!

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