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Kristiinankaupunki tonight!

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well, ok, yes? If you wanna see a great rock gig tonight you should join me at Nightbird in Kristiinankaupunki, cause So Long Sisters are perorming..! I haven’t been photographing these girls since last December when we took their latest promotional shots. But tonight I’m definitely gonna make things happen with the 5D Mark Tage. [...]

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YleX music video contest!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

So, yes? Well now, I could really need your help on this one. To make a short story long or whatever.. Last summer me and Ramedus made our first music video for a band called So Long Sisters from Karijoki to their song Behind Empty Eyes. The video was selected winner of the Garage Countdown [...]

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Yes. I possess an old 70′s camera called Yashica FX-D, every once in a while I grab a hold of it and shoot some old school shots.. Only a few days ago I found the camera stuffed in the closet, had not seen it for months, and then I suddenly remembered that it was a [...]

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Well well.. Finally, I hear a distant voice of despair in the men’s room behind the veil cry out.. What? I have now finished the editing of the So Long Sisters pictures which I blew out of this world last Sunday. In this post I’ll publish the ones worth showing to someone, and naturally I’ll [...]

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Monday, December 7th, 2009

Time for me to open the big wordhole again. Yes. So no? Today was a big day for my education and for my running to become America’s next top model. No wait. Yes hold on. It was a fun day for me. I got up before the sun on Finland’s independence day to go and [...]

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