From Stage to Page

Here you'll find a collection of my best rock shots taken at different rock/pop/metal/whatever concerts. The shots are taken between the years 2007-2011 in various places around Finland.

80 Photos

Promotional Photography

In this folder you'll be able to gaze through some of my promotional shots for different rock groups. If you like any, well hey, give me a ring and I'll also "do" your act!

53 Photos


In this folder you'll find shots from different kick-ass happenings, in other words, stuff you wouldn't wanna miss...

49 Photos


This is the stuff n' stuff folder. Here you'll find everything from design, experimental photography, promos from whatever, pics of food and airplanes..

26 Photos

Design & Layout

Over here you'll get a glimpse of records, demos and promo copies I have done the layout and even the photographing for. I mostly do photo stuff, but more of these layout jobs are on the way!

3 Photos

Stand Up Comedy

In this folder you'll find live and promotional shots of different Stand Up comedians. Have a laugh.

13 Photos


In this box I've uploaded the covers of records that features my shots in the booklet or on the covers. I have not done the layout for these. Some are demos and some are full length CD's, and some are even DVD's.

8 Photos

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