Writing songs with Sturm und Drang..

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Yes – it’s time for a new set of Sturm und Drang shots..

About a week ago I attended a small “song writing session” over at the Sturm und Drang band camp. The boys were rehearsing some new songs as well as goofing around in front of the lens. They even gave me a private jam session that included some new tunes, and yes, it sounded awesome! The boys are gonna rock your socks off when their third album is released some time next year.

( Mr. Ivars knows the guitar )

Also, I recently read in the Waasa local newspaper (Vasabladet) that Jimmy Westerlund, the man behind SuD’s first two discs, is producing the third record – I bet it will be a rockin’ disc I believe! It will sound like, and I’m gonna quote Patrick Linman on this one, “Katy Perry goes metal”! The boys are reaching for a modern metal hard rock and heavy sound! Lookin’ forward to this one!

( You there! )

( ..hold on, I think I left it behind the couch! )

And what else from this day of rehearsing. Well. More pics perhaps? Yes.

( Passed out on the set )

( ..some shots of Alex? )

And that’s that, hope you liked this small digital journey into a song writing session with the Sturm und Drang boys.. Have a nice day now, you hear!

// Tage – The song shooter

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4 Responses to “Writing songs with Sturm und Drang..”

  1. Jag gillar din stil! Hur redigerar du dina bilder?

  2. ““Katy Perry goes metal”! The boys are reaching for a modern metal hard rock and heavy sound! ” <— Katy Perry <3 ; hard rock <3 ; Sturm und Drang <3 :D I think that sums it up!

    Is this blog post awesome or what?

    Tage, please, please, please tell me, who is Mr.X??? We've known each other, for what…45670586 years? Since the begining of life, basically. :D I promise I won't tell anyone…!

    You won't tell me, will you? It was worth a try!

    Oh, and have fun at the GaGa concert. Let's hope you'll see those mchine gun boobs live. :D

  3. Oh, you like this post! Cool.

    Mr. X, who do you mean? The little guy on Alex guitar thingy.. :) I don’t know who that is… :)

    Ms. Gaga tonight! gonna be swell as hell! I bet the machine gun titties will make people go nuts!

  4. Lasse —>>> Kul att du gillar! Hur jag redigerar mina bilder är en ganska stor fråga att svara på såhär på några rader.. :) Fokuserar mycket på färger, linjer och uttryck, inte för att man kan redigera ett uttryck.. Men, du fattar.. :) Eller menar du tekniskt med vilka program man kan redigera bilder?

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