Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Well yes!!

It’s finally out. The video we shot for the fabulous rockers in Godsplague to their latest single “Live like it’s your last day” is finally out!

Check it.

( Godsplague – Live like it’s your last day – Directed by Tage Rönnqvist for Eva Lingon )

Live like it’s your last day is the first single taken from Godsplague‘s upcoming 4th album “Revival” – the full disc will be out in August, be sure to pick it up!


Euge Valovirta – guitars
Nico Hartonen – vocals
Sami O.J. Ojala – drums
Reeo Tiiainen – bass

Supersankari Suspension Team:
Jussi Paradise
Jani Hell
Mechanical Demon
Lary Piercing

Video crew:
Director – Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer – Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer – Niklas Laurin
Assistant – Thomas Vikfors
MakeUp (band) – Sara Dahlback
Production assistant – Anders Lönnfeldt
Editors – Rasmus Tåg & Tage Rönnqvist
Grading – Rasmus Tåg
Still photographer – Niklas Laurin
Concept – Godsplague & Eva Lingon
Producers – Stay heavy Records & Eva Lingon

Stay Heavy Recrds – Jari Kontunen
Nosturi – Eeka Mäkynen
Musamaailma – Kai Saarikko
Valofirma Cinelight rental
P.Mutasen Elokuvakonepaja

Check out some webbies!

—>>> Godsplague

—>>> Eva Lingon

—>>> Stay Heavy Records

Have a splendid one folks!

// Tage – Live like it’s your last Tage

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