Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Yes! Everyone, check out our latest music video, Gina – Nasty Ho!

( Gina – Nasty Ho! )

Director – Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer – Rasmus Tåg
Camera Operator – Anders Lönnfeldt
Camera Operator – Pia Lehto
First Assistant Director – Magnus Wikström
Crane & Dolly Operator – Joakim Levälampi
Make Up Artist – Katja Teinilä
Stylist – Elina Järvi
Casting & Catering – Kati Oinonen
Assistant – Johanna Öman
Assistant – Mika Launivuo

Editors – Rasmus Tåg & Tage Rönnqvist
Edit Assistants – Anders Lönnfeldt & Magnus Wikström
Grading – Ramedus

Writer – Tage Rönnqvist
Producers – Gina & Eva Lingon

Thanks to:
Marita Kuusiniemi/Ryhmäteatteri
Suvilahti/Kiinteistö OY Kaapelitalo Markkinointi
Kati Oinonen
Cruel Age
Play it again Sam
Marsaana Communications
Jannica Hägglund
Sara Dahlback
Robin Tåg
Mikael Grönroos
Eva Lingon

Special thanks to all the fans!

Gina – Nasty Ho!
Music by Omppu Oinonen
Lyrics by Regina Shevakova
All arrangements by Gina
Recorded and mixed by Sammy Aaltonen at East Sound Studio
Mastered by Tomppa Järvinen

Regina Shevakova – Vocals
Omppu Oinonen – Guitar
Risto Lindeman – Bass
Toomas Laumets – Drums

…and Mikko Virtanen as The Pirate

Shot in Helsinki November 2010 using two Canon EOS 5D MarkII’s and a Canon EOS 550D.

This has been an Eva Lingon production.

// Tage – Nasty Ho!

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2 Responses to “WORLD PREMIERE!!!”

  1. So basically…the video is AWESOME. Very well put, nice job!
    I felt bad for the pirate, though…it seems like he was the one with the least clothes and there was snow all over the place!

  2. :) First off, thanks alot!

    And I can tell you that it was very cold this fine day, so the pirate, well, he experienced the brutal coldness on a high level, to say the least..! :)

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