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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Awesome right!?

Now, you, my dear reader, have the chance to WIN a very rare and unique The Cajunga poster! Since there is only one copy of this poster, it really can’t get any more unique.. Check it out!

( This can be yours )

What do I have to do to get it?

Alright then, let me introduce this competition. In the new Cajunga video two different tractor’s can be spotted. To win this unique poster you have to give me an answer to the following question:

In what year was the “old tractor” manufactured? The one that the band drives on the countryside.. What was the year when the old fart was built?

Whoever gives me the closest answer to when the old tractor was manufactured will win the poster! I’ll send it by snail mail to your doorstep, no matter if you live in Tanzania, Sweden or Austria.. If you haven’t seen the video, well, do check it out!

( The Cajunga – Dancing with the Boys )

For those of you who have noticed that there are two posters in the video, well, the band fucked up the other one when they tried signing it with a horrible pen.. So, the signed poster above is the only one left! Just give me a pretty good answer in the comment booth and it may be you who will be getting the poster!

The competition will be open until the 31st of May at 6PM.

So, hit me with an answer in the comment section and perhaps it will be you who wanders off with this awesome Cajunga poster filled up with 12 signatures. The people who have signed this thing is about everyone who participated in the production of this video!

Good luck, and let me give you a hint, the tractor is from the Valmet family!

PS. If there are more than one correct answer, the winner will obviously be the one who gave the right year first..!

// Tage – a real competition, finally!

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13 Responses to “Win a unique poster!”

  1. 1960 !

  2. 1952. Lätt!

  3. 1958

  4. 1969

  5. :) Nice!

  6. 1943!

  7. :) Traktor Alban.. Haha, men din mail-adress verkar int vara nån vettig.. Hur skall jag kontakta dig om du vinner tävlingen?

  8. Skit samma! 1969 it is! Eller kanske 1967! Summer of Love 4-ever!

  9. Haha.. Skit samma :) .. Just så!

  10. Den e satan en pråtåtyp: 2012!!!!

  11. Måhända!

  12. Knappast får ja va me men sätter endå en comment ;)

  13. Haha.. De e helt ok!

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