What is going on?

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

To say the very least – I’m quite excited..

( Could it be? )

Well, could it be, is it finally time? The high point of everyone’s life? Are the guys at Canon finally pulling the thumb out of their asses? The Canon 5D MarkIII – that’s my best guess.

Either that, or a microwave oven in cooperation with IKEA.

// Tage – Mark 2000

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One Response to “What is going on?”

  1. According to my sources this is what will be announced on November the 3rd.

    There will be two Cameras. A PL version in the F3 price range and an EF one more in the FS100 price range. Crews have been around Los Angeles and in the Mojave desert area shooting demo material for the launch presentation.

    4:2:2 in camera recording, the tried and tested XF codec…Full HD is most likely. The XF codec and 4K would be a struggle.

    Canon is prepared to deliver in quantity at the beginning of the year.

    What about the 5DmkIII? This is less solid but “the Mark III will be announced next month”. Does that mean before the November 3 date?

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