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Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Well yes,

A while back we started yet another collaboration with the mighty fine people at Åbo Akademi University – it was time to create another commercial spot for the university.

Together with a group of students and a tad of choir dudes called “Kvartetten LÖK” we developed an idea, a script and a battle plan to put together a 2 minute long film. A week ago the video was released, check out the result.

( Åbo Akademi University – Allting faller på sin plats )

The general idea was developed by a group of students at the University, the production was put together by Eva Lingon Ltd. and directed by yours truly. You’ll find the entire credits list in the Youtube video description.

This particular spot raised loads of discussions and a great deal of attention in the media due to the “male advantage” in this film.

Us champs at Eva Lingon Ltd. were and still are grateful to have been a part of this production, hope you enjoy the commercial spot.

—>>> Åbo Akademi

Have a great weekend sports!

// Tage – Allting faller på sin Tage

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