Two great vocalists!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Yes! Thought I’d post two music videos for you guys. You should check out these vids if you wanna experience the greatness, in front of a lens, by Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Sam Carter (Architects). So, enjoy!

( Maroon 5 – Misery – directed by Joseph Kahn )

( Architects – Buried at Sea – directed by Adam Powell )

Need a few words on the videos. Yes you do! Or perhaps you don’t? Anyway. I think that the Adam Levine performance with his very bitchy colleague is quite fantastic in this one. Check out the acting capabilties of this man, it’s just awesome. With a single glimpse he’ll catch you for at least 4 minutes. And the really big applause goes out to Joseph Kahn, a great video director - website! Haven’t quite figured out every bit of the story yet, but that’s not my job, or is it? Great video, great song!

And the second one is directed by, a new guy to me, Adam Powell. Check out his website! He has done a fantastic job with bringing out all the potential energy found in the vocalist Sam Carter. My God. Can a guy really give that kind of performance on an average day!? His energetic escapades would be enough for a whole football team. Fuck. He is just awesome! And even the video is good. Loads of great moments and pics. I’ll have to buy their record after this experience! Architects for the win baby!

The Architects site —>>>

The Maroon 5 site —>>>

// Tage – the vocalist writer

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  1. Bra jobbat, keep up the good work! Fin kontrast o färgmättnad.

  2. Du e så siisti!

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